Dec 22, 2010


Felling joy, sad, love and all emotion or maybe saying
a words can be seen how you looks, express yourself by the way
your reaction from the outside and without feeling.. it never
works at all.

You're a heartless person you can ever be.. and it can 
may leads you to a self destruction, for all the cost you be
feel the fear on your own to feels what is really matters
and that's all it counts.

But when you start within inside your heart and 
you do really understand what is feeling.. is that you accepts 
the pain. From that moment is how you deal with it,
and fight to survive.

Dec 17, 2010

George Bernard Shaw

Progress is impossible without change, 
and those who cannot change their minds 
cannot change anything...

Dec 15, 2010


"You can always tell the difference between
a good guy and a bad one, the bad one tells you, his "different", 
than the good one, doesn't have too."

Dec 13, 2010

The Truth. Chapter #2

Mark my words...

Live, Life and Love takes courage, 
it has the power to destroy us, 
our hopes, 
our dreams,
our sanity, 
our belief in ourselves, 
but it can also gift us with unimaginable joy.

If someone doesn't fill you up as you do them, 
chances are they never will. 
Life is not selfish, 
or hateful. 
It makes you feel better, 
not worse.

If you don't want to see my dark side, 
 DON'T make a promise you can't stick with,
DON'T say what you don't mean and 
DON'T get close to me if you can't handle it.

I do care for you,
and I'm willing to fight for you.
but if someone cares for you better than I do,
I'd give up the fight because just seeing you happy,
I know I've already won...

Keeps your expectations extremely low, 
that way it's almost impossible to be disappointed.

I know,
We all made a whole bunch of mistakes, 
but please don't make me feel like...
falling in love with you was one of them.

I am not afraid of trying again...
I am only afraid of getting hurt for the same reason again.

Dec 10, 2010


I think if the worst regret we can have in life is
 not for the wrong things we did, but for the thousands of right 
things we did for the wrong one. Actually its not what you do...its
how you do it! Its not what you see...its how you look at it...
Its not how your life is...its how you live it!

Sometimes people are make them something.
And when they become something...they feel you are nothing, that's
sad but kinda give me sense a humor thinking it. One day I'll realize 
that...what I did wrong and I'll realize what I lost and 
by then I wont care anymore.

Sometimes it's better to let go of some people from 
your life, to help them understand your value and importance 
in the future, standing for what you believe in regardless of the 
odds against you, and the pressure that tears at your resistance 
is courage. Don't always say what you know, but always 
know what you are saying...


Dec 8, 2010

I've know clue.

Every time I try to get thing out of my mind
about something and try to write it down, it wont come out
the way it was supposed to be, I've know clue why??!.

What I want I don't get. What I get I'm not satisfied,
what I expect never happens. What I hate keeps repeating.
Well.. I guess that's life supposed to be for me.

...Just because it's not what I were expecting,
doesn't mean it's not everything I've been waiting for...
maybe I serenity comes when I stop expecting and 
start accepting.

Dec 6, 2010

A Qoutes

"If you hold back your feelings because 
you are afraid of getting hurt, you end up 
hurting anyway..."

Dec 2, 2010

Never assume. Don't expect. Just hope.

If everyone says you deserve better, listen up..  
it is most likely to be true. One of the hardest things in life to 
do is to wait for the one you love to return back to you. I've learned 
the best way to prevent your heart from getting broken, is to act 
like you don't have one. Chances are given to a person who is 
willing to change regardless of the consequence.

I'll find someone new, we won't be alone, and
 I won't be with you. You're waiting for me, to crawl back to 
your side, But no..not this time, I'm keeping my pride. Nobody 
is stupid. It's just that sometimes, we choose to be stupid for
us to feel a little bit of what they call happiness.